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Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 Review

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There Are Spoilers In Our Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 Review Discussion

In this episode of the show we see the tournament of power finally begin. Our warriors from Universe 7 are put on the stage with all the warriors from the other universes, where they must fight to survive and for their universe to survive for a full 48 minutes.

The anticipation and the hype around this episode has been massive. Although how they would do it was something I was wondering about. As I kept hearing about the 48 minute limit, I thought that maybe the tournament itself would only be 3-4 episodes long. I was proved wrong on this idea by the end of this episode, with the announcer mentioning that only 1 minute had passed by during the 20 minutes of the show. I guess they’re cutting to different sides of the stadium and showing all the fighters during that same moment. For me this is even better, now I don’t think we’ll get 48 episodes of this, as fighters get eliminated, I guess it’s less they have to jump around with. But I think it’s the right way to cover it.

This episode being the first episode for the actual tournament didn’t give as much away about the fighters as I thought. No one really powered up to full power at all, except for Goku for a second when he nearly got dragged out of the ring.

Goku In The Tournament Of Power - Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 Review

Goku In The Tournament Of Power – Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 Review

Surprisingly it was Basil, who we know about from a few episodes back when we watched him fight with Majin Buu who seemed to carry much of the action. Basil is the first to knock someone out of the ring. The first warrior to be knocked out of the ring was Lilibeu from Universe 10, she was also one of the few warriors that could fly. We also see a fight with Basil against another warrior, although he doesn’t end up being able to knock that one from the ring.

One funny thing I saw, was Zeno’s God Pad, it’s like an iPad. It’s got all the warriors on there and when one is out, he marks them off the list using it. It’s kind of funny, but also shows how much of a kid he is, but he’s having a lot of fun with the episode and so was I.

There wan’t much else other than some brief fights. Early on we did see Frieza, Vegeta, 17, 18 and Goku break off from the core group and abandon the teamwork idea. I don’t know how this will go for their team. But I do see that in next week’s episode from the preview, Goku and Vegeta may be teaming up to go against a couple warriors from Universe 9.

Overall a good episode and a nice start to the tournament, I’m curious to see how it all goes once more people start to go full powered.

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