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Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 Review

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Please Note: There Are Spoilers In Our Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 Review Discussion

So the 96th episode of Dragon Ball Super just aired. This one I think is mostly to build up the hype for the upcoming Universe survival tournament, we get to see all the warriors from the other universes, all of the Gods Of Destruction gathered and our Universe 7 team finally assembled.

The Universe survival arc has been quite long so far and it’s great to see everything finally coming together, with I think next week the first fights to begin. But there were a few interesting moments in this one to take note of.

The first one is that it actually contained an unexpected fight. Some of the Gods of Destruction arrived a little early and were inspecting the arena. But they weren’t so impressed I thought and the Grand Priest overheard. A couple of the Gods did a small exhibition match. Now these Gods here are meant to be the strongest of the bunch, it’s hard to judge their power when fighting each other. But they did break the arena apart, which took countless episodes to build. I guess the interesting thing out of this is whether or not any of the mortal warriors will break the arena in future episodes.

The second thing that happened that was pretty big was the meeting of the universe 6 and 7 teams. We see the Saiyans instantly move towards each other. Caulifla was the most interesting, like Vegeta when he first went Super Saiyan, she’s overconfident with her power. She has no idea what she’s dealing with really, but I find the Universe 6 Saiyans to be all very interesting. I still just don’t think the writers would wipe out these characters after the tournament, something must happen I think to keep them in the show.

Goku Meets Caulifla and Kale

Goku Meets Caulifla and Kale

Another thing of note was the meeting of Frost and Frieza. Like the Saiyans these are the only two of each other’s race in the tournament. I think both races will work together, but Frieza and Frost I guess are definitely confirmed to be working together. But what could they even do together here?

The Universe with the pride troopers is the one that’s built up the most as the strongest. They have the most impressive entrance, they’ve all got matching outfits, they’re all a solid team really. Also when they were introduced they posed, just like the Ginyu Force did all those years ago. At this point they seem like the main opponents, but as a long time watcher of the show I feel there might be someone even stronger we have to watch out for that may come out of nowhere.

The final thing I thought was interesting was the scenes with Vegeta. Strangely throughout this arc, Vegeta hasn’t at all been the focus, apart from the bits with his newborn baby. We haven’t really seen any of his training. I know he went in the time chamber, but unlike other warriors we didn’t see his current power. I think this episode was reaffirming his motivation. He has to compete here to save Bulma and his family, if that means working with Frieza then it has to be I guess. But I think this character motivation to save his family might push this character a bit further than others in the tournament.

Overall this was a good episode for the show, which continues to impress me.  As an episode it built up the hype for the tournament next week. I can’t wait to see how everything turns out. The only thing I wonder about is the “no flying” restriction. If you watch the opening of the show, you can see Goku and Jiren fighting, I’m not sure, but they’re flying aren’t they? Same with Vegeta in his fight? I do wonder if this rule will be broken as things develop?

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