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Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Review

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Caution: There Are Spoilers In Our Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Review

In this episode Goku continues on his quest to recruit the strongest fighters in the universe to fight in the universe survival tournament.

At the start of the episode we see Goku and Gohan split up, with Gohan flying off somewhere to visit Piccolo, who is likely going to join in with the team. Considering that we saw Piccolo fight during the tournament with Universe 6, I don’t anticipate we’ll see him battle much in the lead up, which I guess is the same for Vegeta as well (they may do some sparring, but maybe not much).

Waiting for a week for this episode, especially after seeing last week’s preview, I was so excited to see what was happening with Majin Buu. It seems that Buu has been training for quite some time since the fighters returned to the earth in order to prepare for the tournament which he is quite serious about. Now Majin Buu’s fight during the trials was the one I considered to be the best of the lot, so I was excited to see what he could do up against Goku. Especially since his appearance is now slimmed down. It turns out however that this encounter was actually fairly brief and surprisingly, Goku only fought in his base form and lost quite quickly. To me it either means that Buu is way stronger than he is when he’s in that form, or Goku went a bit easy on him. I think maybe the latter as after the match Buu kind of became exhausted (he’s been training too hard), some rest and he should be okay for the tournament. Maybe Goku didn’t want to ruin his confidence? It may be a combination of these together, or nothing at all considering Goku’s personality lately.

Interestingly in this episode we got to see some of the activities from the other universes. The Kai from Universe 11 called in a bunch of other Kai’s, but not Universe 7’s to discuss a bunch of things. I suppose as he’s presented as a bit of a villain, he might be up to something. However no one really wanted to have anything to do with it. Could something strange happen at the tournament with this group I wonder? The Kai from that universe is however, quite confident he would win.

Universe 11's Kai - Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Review

Universe 11’s Kai – Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Review

Additionally, we saw Champa do a similar thing with all of the Gods, also excluding Universe 7’s Beerus. He’s up to something as well. While I think most of the focus is on Universe 11 and 7, there’s still a lot that Universe 6 could do. Even more interesting, he’s going to bring more Saiyans. If that’s the case, it’s possible that one of them is going to be the female one some fans have spotted in some of the trailers for this arc.

Not really any other developments occurred. We saw Toppo and his group stop a big monster on one of their planets. But it was just as lame as one of Gohan’s heroic acts as the Great Saiyaman. Next week seems like a much bigger episode with the return of Android 17. As it’s entitled Android 17 vs Son Goku, I’m expecting a pretty decent fight here. Also I’m sure fans are incredibly curious how strong 17 may be, could it be possible he’s been training since the Cell saga?

Overall this episode was okay, not the best battles, but a lot of minor plot developments there for us to see. But it’s next week’s episode that looks to be the bigger one.

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