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Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Review

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Please Note: There Are Spoilers In Our Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Review

So the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super just aired and this episode was one that I’ve been waiting on for what feels like a very long time now, a Frieza episode.

Ever since I saw the return of Golden Frieza a few episodes ago and saw his very well animated transformation before he took out a bunch of scrubs that came to assassinate him ahead of the tournament and also the later encounter with Goku where the two appeared to be evenly matched, I just couldn’t wait to see what Frieza could do.

In this episode we see Gohan go up against the Yardrat who we have seen appear here and there in quite a few episodes now. Surprisingly Gohan is struggling with this fighter. Although it’s made known that he’s saving his strength, to me he looks defeated completely. Luckily for Gohan, Frieza shows up and starts interfering with the fight.

It’s the dialogue from Frieza that’s the most fun part of this episode. You can tell he’s absolutely evil and we all know he is in the show, but he’s having fun ith the whole thing. He insults the Yardrat and also Gohan’s strength and let’s them fight a little more before stepping in. Again, with a second go at the Yardrat I don’t know why Gohan struggles so much.

Once Frieza steps in, the Yardrat still thinks he has the fight won, but is quickly shown pretty much in front of everyone that he had no chance. Frieza even says it’s just child’s play. I suppose all those fights with Goku gave him a lot of practice, but even so, Gohan shouldn’t have done so badly. Frieza puts the Yardrat in some type of critical condition and then kicks him out of the stage.

We then see Frost enter and mention his arrangement with Frieza and the two go up against Gohan. For a bit it looks like Frieza might take Gohan out, but we see Frieza’s face in the first punch and we know he’s just playing. The two pretend to fight and later on Frieza takes Frost out and even makes him out to be a complete fool.

For people who are Frieza fans, this episode was awesome. For people who are Gohan fans, it’s a disaster. A while ago the Grand Priest did mention the weaker warrirors are tiring out and the stronger ones are emerging. I feel as if from this point that Gohan’s reached his limit with the remaining fighters, with the Yardrat being beyond him, but a scrub up against someone like Frieza.

What i’m most interested to see soon is a Frieza episode where he’s pushed to his limit against someone there. Same with Vegeta and the Androids. I did see Toppo briefly fight Cabba in this episode, which seems completely uneven, who will step in to help Cabba though?? Could it be Vegeta?

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