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Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 Review

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There Are Spoilers In Our Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 Review Discussion – Watch The Episode Then Read 🙂

So episode 104 of Dragon Ball Super just aired and this one sees its focus put upon Universe 6’s most powerful fighter Hit and Universe 11’s Dyspo. Who will win in this is unclear, but Hit has always had the advantage over most with his time skip, but it seems Dyspo has found a way around that.

A few episodes ago the Grand Priest did mention that it was time for the more stronger and mightier warriors to come out and fight and it seems that this week is the first episode of one of those fights. We hadn’t seen a standalone Hit episode so far in this tournament arc, although I was not expecting one as he’s in the other team. I do enjoy this character so was excited to see what they could do with him here.

I would like to mention that at this point in the show with the inclusion of a Hit based episode, I feel as if maybe this is a point of the show where its own new characters are coming together on their own. We now have a pretty well developed character base here with Universe 6. Between the Saiyans, Hit and Champa we’ve got some very interesting characters. I want to mention this, because much of the show does rely on us wanting to see out favourite Dragon Ball Z warriors, but for the first time, I felt I wanted to see what one of the newer characters can do. I do still wonder if they’ll really wipe out a character base so diverse that took so long to build in this show, or if there’ll be some way they’ll all stick around.

The fight itself was impressive. Dyspo is able to hear muscle movements with his ears and is able to go at a super fast speed when he attacks. Hit isn’t able to do his time skip because Dyspo gets to him before I guess he can activate it. Hit is in a lot of trouble and Caulifla and Kale are too worn out really to help Hit out.

Luckily Goku steps in to help hit, with what I think is one of his best ever entrances into a fight, he all of a sudden blasts his way into the fight, grabs Dyspo’s hand. Goku’s in his super saiyan god transformation. Which we learn isn’t as strong as blue, but uses less stamina. We haven’t seen this transformation since Goku fought with Beerus, but with the added theme music during Goku’s entrance, I couldn’t not be in awe of it. Goku was amazing.

Super Saiyan God Goku And Hit

Super Saiyan God Goku And Hit

Once teamed up, Hit and Goku easily are able to overcome Dyspo and Kunshi. Kunshi is knocked out, but it seems that Dyspo escapes and is back with Toppo and Jiren. I wonder if there’ll be a rematch later or if Dyspo will go up against a new fighter, Frieza perhaps?

As an action based episode this one was great and much more enjoyable that last week’s one (which unfortunately I didn’t have time to review, but will comment that it as an episode had a strong emotional impact, due to the removal of another Universe, it was sad actually).

I did also really enjoy banter between Champa and Beerus. It’s always funny watching their comments from the sidelines of the tournament and this episode was no exception.

I’m looking forward to more Dragon Ball Super next week. From the preview it seems Master Roshi is about to step up and fight a whole bunch of people. Should be a fun one to watch. But where’s our standalone Vegeta or Frieza episode?

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