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Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 Review

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Please Note: There Are Spoilers In Our Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 Review Discussion

Watch the episode first then read ­čÖé

So the latest episode for Dragon Ball Super just aired. In this one, like in previous weeks, our heroes continue to participate in the tournament of power. This week sees Universe 2’s fighters step up and make their play for their part in the tournament.

Unlike last week where we saw both Caulifla and Kale participate as the two new female saiyans and get pushed to their limits, with a little added character development. This week the episode is more on the lighter side. Surprisingly, I feel that possibly this episode is more a filler episode for the tournament arc.

The characters here from Universe 2 are mostly women and we see them do their transformation at the start, where they seem to turn into less attractive versions of themselves. Android 17 who is quite savage blasts them during their transformation and seems to completely wreck their composure. But for some reason Toppo is able to approach and so do the three Universe 2 fighters who argue with him that it wasn’t the right thing to do and Goku seems to agree and they’re allowed to transform.

My only big issue with this episode other than it being seemingly a filler one is that of the animation. It was obvious that the transformation stuff was just reused animation and I’m not great at spotting these things but it just seemed to be put together on more of a budget. Which is understandable, they want to use the money on the big fights coming soon and having great transformations like Frieza’s a few episodes ago must take time to do.

Most of the warriors from Universe 2 use love as their power and spread hearts all throughout the arena. It affects some warriors, but many it doesn’t, Frieza in particular doesn’t feel bothered by it. There’s a brief fight between Vegeta and┬áBrianne de Chateau which we’ve been shown in the teaser but it’s only short. It’s Android 17 who is the centre of this episode. He manages to quite savagely take out two warriors on his own. I love 17 in the show at the moment and I’m glad to see him back. The episode ends with Brianne and 17 seemingly about to fight.

I do speculate that in a future episode 17 might be knocked out by Brianne, strong as he is and they’ve built him up a lot I know. There’s just way too many Universe 7 fighters on the arena still and the other Universes’ fighters are getting low, someone has to go for the sake of the story, but as it’s a royale it could easily be another warrior that fights Brianne.

Next week it seems from the preview that the focus may not be 17 at all and may be instead Gohan. We did see him briefly and for some reason he told everyone to fight individually. It looks like he’s taking on a lot of fighters though, will it be too much for him though? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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