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Diablo 3 News – Necromancer

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At long last, on the day that the first batch of Blizzcon tickets are going on sale, Blizzard have announced that a closed-Beta is coming for the Necromancer class in Diablo 3. With very little information already released to the public about how the Necromancer plays and feels inside the game, along with the extra content that will follow it with the release of patch 2.6.0 this small piece of news is very exciting.

Following Blizzards standard method of only saying “Soon” there is no dates for when the closed beta will begin, when it will end or even the number of people they will be inviting. All we know for certain at this time is that the closed beta is on the horizon and it is likely that there will not be an open-beta before the patches release into the wild.

If you are excited and keen to be a part of the testing the best way to have a chance is to double check your Beta account settings inside of your Battle Net account. If you are not one of the lucky chosen few then there will be no NDA imposed on the Beta so you can be sure that streamers and news sites will flood the internet with gameplay and ongoing information while the Beta lasts.

For the official release page click here

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