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A Cure For Wellness Review

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A Cure For Wellness is a film which comes directed by Gore Verbinski who some may know as the director of The Ring (2002) or Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003). A Cure For Wellness stars  Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs and Mia Goth.

The film is about a young and ambitious businessman who is sent to a “wellness centre” to retrieve a senior executive and bring him back to work, however something sinister is going on at that wellness centre which prevents the young man from returning. Will he ever escape?

When I first saw the trailer for A Cure For Wellness some time ago I actually was very intrigued. It looked like the kind of creepy film experience that I often do really enjoy going in to see. So I was excited for what I could get to see at the cinema when I watch A Cure For Wellness. But as the film went on, my excitement slowly went away. What in essence I got with this, was a slow paced film experience, filled with naked old people, some very disturbing scenes and some gruesome sexual acts that I just wasn’t expecting.

Watching A Cure For Wellness is similar to the experience you would get if you went to bed at night and had a 2 hour and 26 minute nightmare and it’s not a scary enough nightmare to make you jump out of bed, there ain’t any jump scares really in this film. It’s the type of nightmare that just makes you feel uncomfortable and makes you turn in your bed all night. Much of the time while I was sitting there, I wondered what I was doing really, the film is sick. Whether or not it’s the intended effect on the viewer that Gore Verbinski was going for, I don’t know. A Cure For Wellness is certainly an odd experience.

When thinking about who I would recommend to go and see this movie, I just wasn’t quite sure. I personally didn’t feel great coming out of this one and I can’t recommend that many of you reading go out and pay to see this. It won’t leave you feeling robbed of money in any way, but because some of the scenes are a bit sick, you’ll feel probably indifferent towards it. I came out feeling that maybe it’s just a bad film, or maybe just so far from my tastes for film that I just didn’t get it. Either way though, I find it very difficult to recommend.

Dane DeHaan in A Cure For Wellness - A Cure For Wellness Review

Dane DeHaan in A Cure For Wellness – A Cure For Wellness Review

The actors in this aren’t actually too bad. Their characters are all very odd creepy kind of people and everyone seems to give off that vibe. Dane DeHaan was not bad as the lead in this film, although much of his performance reminded me of Ryan Phillippe’s acting for some reason. Mia Goth did well in her role and although she’s a few years older than her character, to me she did seem very convincing as a young teen. Jason Isaacs was very scary and very creepy in the film.

Overall A Cure For Wellness is probably the strangest, sickest and most horrifying film experiences I’ve had in recent years. While I don’t personally like the film and probably won’t rewatch it and find it hard to recommend to anyone I know. I feel that Gore Verbinski did achieve something here with the experience he was going for, so I have to give it some points for that and the actors were all pretty great. This movie is really very sick and horrible to watch. It might actually be so horrible that I can see it gaining some type of cult appreciation out there in the cinema world. But if you’re intrigued by the trailer, just as I was before I went in. There’s probably not much I can say to stop you seeing it, just be prepared for some pretty insane stuff once the film starts playing.

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