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Confessions Of A Digital Hoarder

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As of the first of November 2016, I have 289 unique games in my steam library, all the currently launcher compatible Blizzard titles, 2.48TB of Anime and maybe 2 TB of free space across the 8 and a quarter Terabytes of storage I have in my personal computer. It is probably safe to say that I am something of a hoarder. In real life as well but that is a whole other story… because I hoard books.

Until 2011 I had maybe 15 games on steam and I hardly ever launched anything that wasn’t World of Warcraft or League of Legends. But something changed, something tremendous and dangerous beyond words, I got enough disposable income to buy games, when I wanted them.

I will admit, I have played maybe half of the games I own, and beaten maybe a quarter of that number. So about 20 games. It is a bit depressing to consider, the hours upon hours of glorious entertainment that I have at my finger tips and yet never anything to play. A big problem for a lot of hoarders is impulsiveness, the feeling that maybe, one day, they will need to have that one, very particular, thing easily on hand.

I am a lot like that, only with digital medium. Books, Comics, Shows, Movies and games. I have a treasure trove of them all. Sites like humble bundle only make my addictions worse, buying a PS4 was possibly one of the greatest mistakes of my adult life, the PS Plus monthly subscription for free games is tailor made for someone like me. I will, every month without fail, make sure to add a game I will probably never play, to my ever-expanding PlayStation Digital library. Most of these games probably won’t even be available on the next gen console, but I must own them all the same.

The addiction is inexplicable and when the guys at my local EB ask me what I am playing now, my answer is invariably “World of Warcraft”, so why must I own nearly 300 other titles. Why must I continue to get sucked deeper into the pit of digital hoarding?

I often excuse it off as a form of retail therapy, but most other people buy clothes, TV’s, iPhones or various other, normally useful, items when they commit themselves to retail therapy. I just spend a large chunk of my weekly paycheck making sure I own ‘Obscure title #63’ on Steam and UPlay. Collector’s edition is only $5 USD more? Why not? OST for $1.99 USD? Sure, add it on. The cycle never ends.

To be honest I am not overly worried about my spending habits. I have in the past month only committed a handful of impulse game purchases, also I spent probably most of my normal budget on Loot Boxes in Overwatch.

I am, at the end of the day an unrepentant digital hoarder.

And let’s admit it, you probably are too.

You can find more from Phill on Twitter right here @Moritynz and also more of his work on his website Mildly Awful Gaming right here.

Phill is a huge anime and video game fan (read Blizzard Fanboy). In his free time he’s either playing WoW, Overwatch or Diablo 3, or watching Anime on Crunchryroll and Animelab. He likes to write reviews about both his passions and sometimes thought pieces on a particular topic an episode may bring up and how it was dealt with. When it comes to the games he plays, he’s always on top with the latest news int he industry and keeps up to date with the latest updates and patches in 3 out of the 6 Blizzard games. Phill started playing games back when the only game he had on his computer was Mind Maze in Encarta ’95 and has been an avid fan of computer entertainment for almost his whole life. Anime is a fairly recent, last decade or so, obsession of his. He’s also a movie enthusiast. You can find more of his work on his website Mildly Awful Gaming right here.

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