Box Office: 'Get Out' Breaks Out, 'Great Wall' Gets Knocked Down

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Box Office: ‘Get Out’ Breaks Out, ‘Great Wall’ Gets Knocked Down

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Jordan Peele’s Get Out topped the box office in its opening weekend. The horror flick took in $33.3 million in its debut, more than 7x its $4.5 million budget. Critics adored the movie with a 99% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and Cinemascore’s tracked crowds gave the movie a solid “A-” rating. There’s no direct horror competition until The Belko Experiment opens March 17 but Get Out does face Logan this week and Kong: Skull Island the next. While those flicks will almost certainly distract some crowds, Get Out is still obviously a massive hit and its buzz will give it a boost against all that heat.

The LEGO Batman Movie brought in $19.2 million (-41.2%) on its third weekend. The spinoff has pulled in $133.2 million domestically, which is down 27.2% from The LEGO Movie’s domestic earnings through this time in its run. With an $80 million budget and a combined $226.2 million in worldwide earnings so far, that doesn’t matter too much.

On the opposite, John Wick: Chapter Two has demolished the first movie’s earnings. After pulling in $9.3 million (-42.3%) on its third week, the action sequel has totaled $74.7 million domestically. That’s a franchise-confirmed 114.8% ahead of the original’s earnings through this time. Costing around $40 million, John Wick: Chapter Two has pulled in $125.8 million worldwide.

Matt Damon may have saved China but he can’t save his movie from bombing. The Great Wall took in $9.1 million (-50.6%) on its second outing for $34.8 million domestically. That’s pretty abysmal against a $150 million budget, although the film was always expected to do better with foreign crowds with the onslaught of CGI monsters and the China setting. In that case, the movie has a combined $300.4 million worldwide. There’s still plenty of marketing costs the movie needs to cover though, and with that it doesn’t look like it will break even.

Fifty Shades Darker earned $7.7 million (-61.6%) for $103.7 million domestically. Similar to LEGO Batman, it may be running 29.6% behind the last film through this time but the grosses are still large enough to be a hit. Fifty Shades has once again knocked it out with foreign crowds and has a mammoth worldwide total of $328.6 million off a $55 million budget.

Fist Fight pulled in $6.5 million (-46.1%) on its second weekend. There’s a $20 million budget to cover with supposedly more than that in marketing, and the movie has only taken in $23.4 million domestically. Foreign crowds have pushed the worldwide total to just $24.9 million,which isn’t too good for the poorly-received comedy.

Hidden Figures is still the number one domestic Oscar hit after this $5.8 million (-19.6%) weekend. There’s now $152.7 million domestically for a combined $182.7 million worldwide for the $25 million drama. La La Land had the strongest holdover of the Oscar flicks with an improved $4.6 million (+2.1%) weekend. The $30 million musical has now pulled in $140.9 million domestically for an absurd $369.0 million worldwide. Lion, the last of the Best Picture Oscar movies playing in over 1,000 theaters, had a terrific $3.8 million weekend (-8.8%). The $12 million drama has grossed $42.8 million domestically and $88.7 million worldwide.

Rock Dog, an animation from Lionsgate starring Luke Wilson, debuted to $3.7 million. The movie cost $60 million and has only brought in a total of $12.1 million worldwide. Even worse is Collide, a $21.5 million budgeted action movie with Nicholas Hoult and Felicity Jones, which opened to just $1.5 million. That’s the sixth worst opening for a movie in over 2,000 theaters. Foreign audiences have helped just as little, as they brought the worldwide total to a paltry $4.0 million.

Finally, in its second weekend, Gore Verbinski’s A Cure for Wellness pulled in just $1.4 million (-67.8%) for a $7.4 million domestic total as of now. The $40 million horror flick only has $16.5 million worldwide to its name.

Next week sees the release of Logan, The Shack, and Before I Fall.

Thanks to Box Office Mojo for the help.

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