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Big Little Lies – Once Bitten Review

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Caution Spoilers Are In The Big Little Lies – Once Bitten Review

Once Bitten is the 5th episode of the first season of Big Little Lies. In this episode Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) continues to deal with some complications with her play and her relationships, Jane (Shailene Woodley) continues to deal with what her son did in episode 1 and all the drama that has continued to follow due to the choking incident and Celeste (Nicole Kidman) continues to struggle with her husband.

This episode of the show continues on with the overly dramatic social incidents which have been occurring every week in the show since episode 1. Most interestingly Madeline is involved in a car accident with Joseph (Santiago Cabrera) who she is currently having an affair with which started in the last episode. I do wonder if any suspicion from the characters will ensue as a result, especially after watching how much gossip happens around the town. It’s possible that her husband Ed (Adam Scott) suspects something, but honestly Ed doesn’t seem as sharp as other characters so probably doesn’t have any idea yet.

Celeste’s scenes in this episode basically just revolves around her caring for her kids, some conversations with Madeline and Jane and some rough time with her violent husband. I do hope there is a little more from this character going forward, it is already the 5th episode and we get this every week. There are some developments with the councillor but not much, maybe there’s some danger for this character going forward. As the episodes develop, I have started to develop a theory that the guy who was violent with Jane is Perry (Alexander Skarsgård), due to his violence towards Celeste (or is that too obvious?).

Jane has an interesting story arc in this episode, she visits a man she suspects may be the father of her son, but doesn’t really do much there, just runs away. Could it be the guy? We have to wait for the next episode to find out, if it is, I guess it ruins my theory that it’s Perry. But let’s see how we go in the coming weeks. Jane also has further troubles at the school as there is a development that the little girl was bitten and parents have complained again. Is the boy a madman? How is she getting injured? I do wonder if it is the boy doing it or if there is some villain around we have no idea about. It’s probably one of the more interesting mysteries of the series. Is that kid a madman or not?

Overall this was a fairly good episode for this first season of this show. It continues to be as over dramatic as ever but there were some significant developments which make this a must watch for weekly Big Little Lies regulars.

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