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American Sniper Does Well At The Box Office

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American Sniper did well at the box office over the weekend when it opened with its wide release in the United States taking in an estimated 105.3 million dollars for the four day holiday weekend and has so far grossed 108.7 million dollars in total.

American Sniper has broken a few January records in America as well with the film being one of the highest grossing for a Clint Eastwood film while also setting some January records for a January four and three day weekend, the highest single day in January and the best four day weekend for an R rated film.

Bradley Cooper (Chris Kyle) and Sienna Miller (Taya) in American Sniper

Bradley Cooper (Chris Kyle) and Sienna Miller (Taya) in American Sniper

Sue Kroll the president of marketing at Warner Brother’s Pictures said ““We had a visceral reaction to it when we saw it and immediately made room for it in the year. We certainly couldn’t have known the level at which the film would resonate, but we knew it was special—providing a different look at war and its emotional impact on those who fight and those at home, which has struck a deep chord with filmgoers everywhere. From the first trailer, we designed this campaign to convey the different facets of the film and showcase its appeal to both men and women. The response from critics, audiences and, now, the Academy, has been hugely gratifying and we could not be more thrilled.”

American Sniper was a film I really enjoyed seeing and I do recommend watching it if you are interested in these types of war films. You can read my full review for American Sniper right here. 

American Sniper will be released on January 22, 2015 in Australia.

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