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American Assassin Review

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American Assassin Review – Spoiler Free

American Assassin is a film which comes directed by Michael Cuesta and stars Dylan O’Brien, Charlotte Vega and Michael Keaton. American Assassin is an action film, which is focused on the story if Mitch Rapp, who is part of a counter terrorism force in the United States of America.

When first hearing about this film a few months ago, I was mainly interested in seeing in because I enjoy watching Michael Keaton movies. But I also was not so interested in this because it’s a section in the action movie genre that I don’t enjoy as much and that’s terrorism movies. I feel as if there are quite a few of these terrorism films around and I am just not into them at the moment as something entertaining. But I still went along and saw the film.

Even though I don’t enjoy the topic of film that this is, I do actually think that by the end, it was fairly well done. If you’re going in there with only the intent to see an ‘action movie’ this one will deliver what you are after.

American Assassin is also quite violent and did actually shock me in the beginning during the first terror attack scene how violent this film actually was. It doesn’t have as much killing as something like John Wick, it’s more of a serious, brutal violence, which I think was effective in maintaining the tone needed for it’s subject matter.

Dyloan O’Brien plays the lead in this film and I thought he did a great job. You do see his character go through a certain transformation as he goes from being a civilian to the counter terrorism lifestyle. Although his role is mostly physical and not dialogue heavy, he did seem like the right person for the job. Michael Keaton was enjoyable and had his fair share of action moments. Although I would have enjoyed having him in the film a bit more as most actors in this are fairly unknown, but he’s not the lead, so it’s all okay.

Michael Cuesta’s directing of this film was decent. As an action film, it does stand out as one of the better ones for this year so far. It is one of the more brutal and violent films both with it’s tone and it’s action scenes. It also had some pretty great filming locations and some great work was done in that area because things certainly did look unique and there were a lot of locations I hadn’t seen used before. The European destinations were particularly well chosen and well shot in American Assassin.

Overall this is a decent action film to go and see at the cinema this week. It may be a little too violent for some people in certain aspects and the subject matter isn’t going to be entertaining for everyone. But as far action film’s go in 2017, this is one of the surprise hits of the year. Both Michael Keaton and Dylan O’Brien were great and filming locations were excellent. Worth seeing if you’re looking for some brutal action this week.

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