'71' Director Is Frontrunner for Next James Bond Film

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’71’ Director Is Frontrunner for Next James Bond Film

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Yann Demange (’71), David MacKenzie (Hell or High Water) and Denis Villeneuve (Arrival) are in consideration for directing the next James Bond film.

Deadline reports that the three directors have had meetings with Variety placing Demange as the frontrunner.

Each director has films either in production now or on the way. Demange is working on White Boy Rick starring Matthew McConaughey set for release on Jan. 26, MacKenzie may be working on Outlaw King with Chris Pine and Villeneuve has Blade Runner 2049 coming out Oct. 6 with a Dune adaption lined up after that.

The 25th James Bond film has been given a Nov. 8, 2019 release date with writing duo Neal Purvis and Robert Wade (Spectre) once again writing. Daniel Craig is said to be returning to the title role, although he has yet to be confirmed. Deadline said they’ve “known for months” and even The New York Times has sources confirming Craig’s return.

The last James Bond film, Spectre, was released in 2015. The film grossed over $880.6 million worldwide, which makes it the 47th highest grossing film ever made.

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