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5 Feel Good Anime’s To Watch

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At a little over a month out from the Easter holidays and with the current season of Anime only a handful of weeks away from wrapping up, you may find yourself in a position of not knowing what to watch when you find yourself with some time off work or school.

So to help, I have put together a short list of 5 Anime which are easily available in Australia via the Crunchyroll and Anime lab platforms. This particular list focuses on the more cheerful and fun moments in life. With as little competition as possible. Just fun time and great stories.

Also beautiful art, don’t forget the beautiful art.

  1. KonoSuba – Gods blessing on this wonderful world.

Konosuba is a fantastic gag anime with your typical “Transported to another world” trope. But unlike the breakaway success of Re:Zero and its amazingly dark atmosphere, Konosuba uses all of its ability in story telling and visual mastery to keep you laughing from the beginning of the Opening credits all the way until the end.

Season 2 is currently airing on Anime Lab each week and the entire first season is already fully available. If you have not yet seen this masterpiece then deprive yourself no longer.

  1. Amagi Brilliant Park

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a retired acting prodigy who is a top student in high school, was blackmailed into saving an amusement park that was run by fairies? No? Neither did I.

But Amagi Brilliant Park answers that question with a flair that makes you wonder why the question had never before crossed my mind.

Using inspiration from several dozen other anime for plot points, characters and gags (I dare you to try to spot and name them all), Amagi Brilliant Parl blends together a cast of characters as colorful as anything found in gag manga like Azumanga Dioh and Osomatsu San.

Amagi Brilliant Park is currently available for streaming on Anime Lab.

  1. Sweetness and Lightning

Sweetness and Lightning is probably one of the most heartfelt Anime that I watched in 2016. That is not a title I give away lightly but it is well deserved by this manga adaptation of a man who is struggling to raise and care for his young daughter after losing his wife to an illness.

With great character development, solid pacing of story arcs and interesting ways of teaching the characters new skills, Sweetness and Lightning is an excellent representation of the struggles a single parent must go through without piling on massive amounts of angst onto the viewer.

As a side benefit the show also teaches the viewer some basics on Japanese food and how to make it.

Sweetness and Lightning is currently available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

  1. Wagnaria!!

The Wagnaria series recently found itself in the spotlight when fans noticed that the cast of Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale were dining at the restaurant that is the setting for the whole show. But for me I had already seen Wagnaria and loved every quirky minute of it.

As a waiter by profession myself watching an Anime about waiters and their various over the top antics was almost expected of me. But I was struck by how many of the situations I could relate to.  Most of the scenarios that the various characters find themselves in are obviously overly exaggerated caricatures of actual situations but they are still familiar enough that they could have happened to me at least once.

Wagnaria is currently available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

  1. Silver Spoon

Finally we reach number 5 on my list, Silver Spoon.

The possibilities for comedy when a city kid is put onto a farm are endless. This particular scenario has been played out more than once in movies and tv shows on both eastern and western media. But the difference between Silver Spoon and most other examples is that Silver Spoon uses its comedy as more than just slapstick relief.

In fact if you don’t learn anything about the farming industry after watching all 22 available episodes, then we watched different shows.

With your expected cast of lovable oddballs and even stranger teachers, laugh loudly and long as you watch a studious Tokyo school boy struggle to survive in a place that he knows nothing about and that being book smart can’t really help him with.

Silver spoon is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

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